Excessive Wear and Use Lease Protection Programs

iStock_000017788954SmallAutomotive leasing may ebb and flow in popularity but no one can deny that it is a major force in the automotive financing world. The Walker Group will build a custom white label Lease End Value Protection program covering excessive wear and tear expenses that your lease customers quite often face at lease termination.

No two manufacture’s lease end terms are the same and an “off the shelf” wear and tear program leaves customers still holding many unpaid repair bills to allow them to walk away from their lease. This also makes is very difficult to retain this customer as a repeat buyer.

The Walker Group custom Lease Wear & Tear programs allow dealers and finance companies to protect their customers from these unexpected lease end costs and result in a more rewarding leasing experience with your customers.

Excessive Wear and Use Lease Protection Programs was last modified: January 11th, 2016 by WGIManufacturing

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