Road Hazard Programs

iStock_000007643190MediumOur nation’s highways and bi-ways are in a terrible state of repair and the frequency of vehicle tire and rim damage as a result of these horrible road conditions is rapidly increasing. Automotive buyers, both new and used are looking for innovative and secure ways to protect themselves from the unexpected high expense of tire and rim repairs as a result of road hazard damages.

The Walker Group is a clear-cut industry leader in the creation, administration and support of white label road hazard programs for some of the industries largest vehicle manufacturer’s and tire retailers. Our actuarial team works very closely with our underwriter to process endless streams of tire and rim sales data to create sustainable programs unique to each of our partners. No two vehicle brands have similar tire risk portfolios and that is why each of our programs are unique to each retailer.

Our industry reach, strength in underwriting and superior administration makes our programs sustainable and most of all appealing to your consumer.

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