WRAPS™ – Weather Resistant Automotive Protective Spray

wraps-brochure-aug-2609-2W.R.A.P.S.™ – or Weather Resistant Automotive Protective Spray – is a unique waterborne polymer formula that is applied in a liquid form, dries to a strong, flexible clear coating that provides a sacrificial barrier against airborne pollutants, environmental hazards, and physical abrasions.  The coating can be easily removed by manual peeling or mild pressurized water spray.

W.R.A.P.S.™ is designed to protect and prevent damage to new automotive painted surfaces from naturally occurring airborne pollutants (including but not limited to bird and insect droppings/deposits, tree sap, industrial pollution, rail dust, ultra-violet radiation, acid rain, hard water spotting, and mildew), chemical spills and casual abrasions during manufacturing, transit and storage.

Unique Attributes of W.R.A.P.S ™

  1. W.R.A.P.S ™:  Environmentally responsible waterborne formula provides exceptional automotive surface protection.
  2. W.R.A.P.S ™: Temperature resistant coating provides uninterrupted coverage and protection under all possible weather conditions including hot, cold, rainy or freezing outdoor circumstances.
  3. W.R.A.P.S ™: Dries to an almost transparent film that provides a clear unhindered view of the painted surfaces being protected.
  4. W.R.A.P.S ™: Has an exceptional ease of removal feature through manual peeling or pressurized water spray.
  5. W.R.A.P.S ™: Is user friendly, safe to work with and is not regulated under Canadian WHMIS and TDG safety regulations.
  6. W.R.A.P.S ™: Has a very low VOC content and contains no HAPS (hazardous air pollutants) ingredients

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