A friendly face in insurance and manufacturing.

As the only chemical manufacturer working with the F&I industry, we’ve seen what great products and services can do for millions of families. This gives us a thoughtful perspective as we manage one of Canada’s largest finance & insurance product portfolios.
That’s why WGI Manufacturing is dedicated to people, high quality products, and innovation. We strive for integrity, fairness, and to be easy to work with. We provide products with white glove customer service, fast, hassle-free claims processing, along with dealership training and support to drive success.

20+ chemical protection products made in-house.

OEM certified Tier 1 parts manufactured.

95% of our products are either 100% water-based or water borne formulations.

96% claims paid

We believe in total responsibility.

For over 50 years, our philosophy hasn’t changed: To provide the best products and services in the market, we need total control over every part of our business—from R&D testing, to the manufacturing of our own products in-house.

Our unique approach.

In-house product development

We are a team of certified chemical engineers on staff who work in our in-house lab to develop and improve the protection products we’re known for.

Environmentally sustainable product

All our products are our own formulations created with a strict standard that puts performance, quality, and environmental sustainability at the forefront. 95% of our products are either 100% water-based or water borne formulations.

Strict real-world testing

Once our formulations are developed and approved for testing, we evaluate them in real world environments and independent laboratory settings.

Additional global standard testing.

Our products are extensively tested to certified global automotive test standards before they leave our factory.

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